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How do I communicate with Venue Hosts?

You have to first send a free availability request

You can chat with a Venue Host only once the Space(s) you have send your free availability request has been marked as being ‘available’ for your desired date & time.

Messaging System - mobile

You both get notified by email each time there is an interaction through the StageYourIdea platform

You can’t find any email? Make sure to check your spam folder in your email service provider

Messages are a great way to personally know the Venue Hosts, ask questions and get additional information regarding your intention to book. The majority of them will be happy to assist you via our messaging system.

Keep in mind that this form of communication is asynchronous (i.e. it doesn’t happen in real-time) so you should be patient if it takes some time for them to write you back.

What should I do if a Venue Host does not respond to my messages?

Your availability request included a written message and you waited then wrote a second message and waited for a while but the Venue Host didn’t answer your question?

No worries, we are here to help. You can contact us any time (for whatever reason) to ask from us to intervene.

Venue Hosts are busy people with a tight schedule. In most cases, our intervention helps correcting this kind of behavior but you should be cautious if it doesn’t as this might be an indication of unprofessional handling in general, not limited to this medium of communication.

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