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How do I find more 'About the Space'?

‘About this Space’ is a section of the Space page

Ideal for

The ‘Ideal for’ shows the activities for which the Space is available to request to book and which one of those are ideal uses according to the Venue Host.

‘Ideal for’ sub section shows Space-to-activity fit inline to the Venue Host’s perspective

‘Ideal for’ - mobile

Ideal activities are those that the Venue Hosts will be more than keen to accept a request for (considering your requested date & time are available). Still, you should not limit yourself from requesting other activity types that are shown as ‘accepted use’ and for which a free request can also be sent.

Make sure to read the ‘Identity / Potentials' description subsection to understand what Organiser type the Venue Host seeks to be connected with through the StageYourIdea platform, and if this identity is compatible with who you are and what kind of Space you are searching for exactly.


The ‘Description’ is curated by our team but what that means exactly and why you should trust us?

We are not being payed for composing it and try to be as objective as possible without falling into the trap of special treatment. Keep in mind that, we are always visiting the Spaces ourselves to check the environment and see that is safe to be booked and suitable for the accepted activities.

The identity is highlighted with bold letters and when you choose to show more content you will find critical notes of your interest

Part of the ‘Description’ as seen from a mobile

Description is made up of two sub section: a) Identity / Potentials, b) Design and Practicality

Identity / Potentials

Here you will read about the identity of the Space, to whom Organiser is most suitable for and the potentials in terms of the activities accepted. The bold part - highlighted text is usually set by the Venue Host, so it also refers to the person behind the Space who will help you host your activity.

Design and Practicality

Here you will read about the aesthetics of the Space and how it practically affects your activities. What type of environment you should expect to see and things that have been designed to help you succeed in organising your activity.

You will always find critical notes (given by the Venue Host) under this subsection, most of which will answer questions you may have.

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