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How do I navigate through the Space page?

This article is about navigating through the Space page which will help you answer questions you might have before you move on to sending your free booking request

✍️ Descriptive Title (and key features)

Opening up a Space page - desktop

Opening up a Space - mobile

Title’s aim is to give an unprocessed taste of the Space before you check it thoroughly through other means (3d tour, photos, or description). Sometimes the title is allegorical and when this is the case you should know that it is given directly by the Venue Host, because he / she wants to reflect upon its identity.

Below the title are some key features of the Space

What key features are denoting

Guests' (info)nfo icon when clicked reveals capacities per arrangement type (n/a = 'not available' layout)

These are:

  • Type of the Space

  • Maximum Number of Guests plus their arrangement capacities

  • Total area

  • Available F&B (Food & Beverage) options

Sections that comprise the Space page

  1. About this Space How do I find more 'About the Space'?

  2. Pricing How do I read the 'Pricing' section?

  3. What’s included (in your hire) What is included in my hire fee?

  4. Menu (if there is one) How do I check the F&B Menu?

  5. Terms (that will govern your hire) What are the 'Terms' of my hire?

  6. Other Spaces in this Venue (in case there are other ones) Other Spaces in this Venue?

  7. Location Where is the Location?

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