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What is included in my hire fee?

‘What’s included' section resonates within the Space page under the 'Pricing’ section.

Depending on your desired activity you may be interested in different set of amenities and features and it would be wise to sort out Spaces by using those criteria as filters right from the ‘Search Results’ page, to save up your searching time. You can find out how to do that by reading How do I search for my ideal Space?

What about Food & Beverages? If your rate is ‘per hour’ or ‘per day’ your hire fee most certainly does not include F&B as it does in the case of ‘minimum spend’ and likely in the case of 'per person'.

Want to know when F&B is included in the hire rate, read What are the differences in price rates?

What your hire fee includes - desktop

What your hire fee includes - mobile

Make sure to mention in your free request about those amenities that are most valuable to you. In this way, you are making sure that the Venue Host will have them in place for your activity.

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